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This Is Why ‘PG-13’ Is a Thing [1]

Movie-going teenagers of the United States, say “thank you” to Indiana Jones.. Before 1984, the line between movies for kids and movies for grown-ups was an all-or-nothing proposition
The bloody blockbuster released that May was rated PG, much to the consternation of many parents. When Gremlins followed in June, it became clear that a movie might be neither adults-only nor kid-friendly–and the rating system needed a solution.
It was on this day, July 1, in 1984, that Valenti announced that PG-13 was a go. The first PG-13 movie, Red Dawn, arrived in theaters that August.

Wikipedia [2]

Red Dawn is a 1984 American action drama film directed by John Milius with a screenplay by Milius and Kevin Reynolds. The film depicts a fictional World War III centering on a invasion of the United States by an alliance of Soviet, Warsaw Pact, and Latin American states
Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson and Jennifer Grey, with supporting roles played by Ben Johnson, Harry Dean Stanton, Ron O’Neal, William Smith and Powers Boothe.. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the film became a commercial success, grossing $78 million against a budget of $17 million
In the town of Calumet, Colorado, a high school class is suddenly interrupted by a Soviet invasion. The students, including brothers Jed and Matt Eckert, escape the chaos as Soviet paratroopers attack them; Soviet, Cuban and Nicaraguan troops proceed to occupy Calumet

Catalog [3]

The Flamingo Kid was the debut screenplay for writer Neal Marshall (no relation to director Garry Marshall). Promotional materials in AMPAS library files reveal Neal Marshall wrote the script in the early 1970s, based on his experiences as a parking attendant at a Long Island, NY, beach club
Michael and Julia Phillips quickly optioned the script, but were unable to get financing as the market for teenage comedies was not proven at that point.. In the early 1980s, Michael Phillips reoptioned the script, and in 1982 mentioned it to director Garry Marshall over a game of basketball
The 11 Jul 1983 DV reported that Stoddard brought in Neal Marshall for rewrites, and later hired Oscar-winning screenwriter Bo Goldman for another rewrite, then greenlit the film. Garry Marshall also rewrote portions of the script.

Which 1984 film was the first to be shown in the U.S. theatres carrying a “PG-13” rating? [4]

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The first PG-13 films are now arriving at theaters but the new rating – which is only advisory – has failed to soothe the fears of mainstream church groups and single-cause coalitions, which have been concerned about rising levels of sex and violence in movies.. ”Red Dawn,” which chronicles a violent Russian-Cuban invasion of the United States, opened last Friday
Although there is an extra warning on these films, children under age 13 are still allowed to see them without their parents. The church groups wanted the movie industry’s new rating to be restrictive, an R-13 rating that barred children under age 13 from theaters unless accompanied by their parents.
An R rating prohibits anyone under the age of 17 from seeing a movie without his parents.. ”This new rating will make parents’ jobs harder,” said Michael Gallagher, who is the official film reviewer for the United States Catholic Conference

How Indiana Jones Created The PG-13 Rating [6]

Director, producer, and screenwriter Steven Spielberg has left an indelible mark on the film industry through his iconic works and innovative storytelling. Although he is not directly responsible for the entire film rating system, his 1984 adventure film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom stirred enough controversy to warrant a major change.
Movie ratings were introduced in 1968 by the Motion Picture Association as a means to inform parents or guardians about a film’s appropriateness for children. However, it was not as comprehensive as it is today
Consequently, films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Gremlins found themselves in a gray area, not intense enough for an R rating yet not entirely suitable for a PG rating. The violent scenes in Temple of Doom, deemed too intense for a PG rating, highlighted the need for a new rating category that bridged the gap.

The Classic Movies That Led To The Creation Of The PG-13 Rating [7]

The Classic Movies That Led To The Creation Of The PG-13 Rating. The recent debut of the long awaited Marvel movie “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” has added a hefty dose of fuel to the ever-raging fire that is media censorship discourse in the U.S
Of course, this is far from the first time that a film has sparked controversy and led to an examination of film content ratings. In fact, long before the film ratings system as we know it came to be, there was the Motion Picture Production Code, also known as the Hays Code due to its association with the president of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America from 1922 to 1945, William H
The Hays Code was a set of self-regulatory guidelines for censorship in the film industry that lasted from the early 1930s all the way up to 1968. Rather than functioning as a tool to help the audience identify potentially controversial or inappropriate content like the current MPA film rating system, the Hays Code completely restricted certain types of content, deeming things as either acceptable or unacceptable

The Most Inappropriate PG Movies Of All Time [8]

Remember the good old days when most mainstream movies only had PG and R ratings (with the occasional G or very rare X/NC-17)? At this point, the answer to that is probably not, thanks to the arrival of the PG-13 rating in 1984. The release of two movies that year, “Gremlins” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” led to the creation of this new rating
Nowadays, that’s no longer the case, but some movies still slip by the rating board and wind up in the wrong category.. Whether it’s because the rating didn’t exist yet or the MPAA rating board pulled a fast one, the movies on this list never got the PG-13 rating they likely deserved
We’ve deemed each of these releases as totally inappropriate for children. Some of them might even offend or gross out the adults in the room as well.

‘Red Dawn,’ an American Masterpiece [9]

When it arrived in theaters in August 1984, John Milius’ Red Dawn didn’t immediately hit the US with the nuclear-sized cultural payload the right-leaning filmmaker hoped it might. But in the 38 years since the film’s release, several modern conflicts have reflected and validated the filmmaker’s vision for how an invading army is defeated by an insurgency of its own making.
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, during which soldiers and volunteers defending their homeland have taken up the mantle of Red Dawn’s Wolverines, has poignantly illustrated what an armed populace that refuses to bow to tyranny can do to an invading army.. For Americans at the time of the film’s release, Red Dawn (which earned the first-ever PG-13 rating after the classification was introduced on July 1, 1984; the movie came out on Aug
Thomas Howell), and Matt (Charlie Sheen) do some scouting with their hunting rifles soon after the invasion in Red Dawn. The National Coalition on Television Violence called Red Dawn one of the most violent Hollywood productions ever made with “134 acts of violence per hour, or 2.23 per minute.” Anyone who’s watched the Ukrainian military, its civil defense forces, and their allies deal death and destruction to the Russians might wonder if the film’s on-screen bloodlust and body count might be understated.

History [10]

Today’s voluntary movie rating system is aimed at giving parents the information they need to decide whether a film is appropriate for their family.. The current rating system emerged in 1968, when MPAA chairman Jack Valenti replaced the earlier moral censorship guidelines, known as the Hays Code, with a revolutionary new parent-focused rating system
The current Classification & Ratings Administration (CARA), with a rating board made up of an independent group of parents, gives advance cautionary warnings to families about a movie’s content. CARA’s mission is to afford parents the tools they need to make informed decisions about what their children watch.
In addition to letter ratings, CARA provides brief descriptions of the specifics behind a movie’s rating. These descriptors apply to every movie rated PG, PG-13, R and NC-17

Jeopardy! Informed Me Red Dawn Was The First PG-13 Movie. Why So Many Fans Think It Was Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom [11]

Jeopardy! Informed Me Red Dawn Was The First PG-13 Movie. Why So Many Fans Think It Was Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
In this case, the question at hand was regarding the first movie to get a PG-13 rating, and while it makes sense that many would believe Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was the first, it was actually one of the causes for PG-13, while Red Dawn was the first movie to don the rating.. The Jeopardy! Question That Had People Thinking About Indiana Jones Rather Than Red Dawn
Now, based on the second half of that question, it can be assumed that Temple of Doom isn’t the obvious answer. However, the second Indiana Jones movie is so synonymous with the PG-13 rating, that it makes sense that fans would get confused.

Our Upcoming Films [12]

In partnership with Columbus Underground, the Gateway Film Center will continue to host free screenings of the 2024…. Many music polls list Revolver as the top album of all time, with good reason
Dig into the creative process behind the masterpiece. Director Maximilian Erlenwein’s first English-language feature is a race-against-time thriller in which a woman tries to save her sister from a watery grave
Back to School 2023: National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978). Starring: John Belushi, John Vernon, Tim Matheson, Tom Hulce, Verna Bloom

The Saturday Evening Post [13]

July 1 through History: A Day of Rules and Measures. With a limited number of days on the calendar, many events across the broad spectrum of history happen to share a date
Other times they’re interesting coincidences, such as all of the meaningful events that happened on April 30 over the decades.. July 1st might not be the “biggest” day in history, but it happened to be the landing zone for events that affect your everyday life
July 1, 1959: The Agreement on International Measurements. The definitions for weights and measures typically come from a physical object called a standard

which 1984 film was the first to be shown in the u.s. theatres carrying a
13 which 1984 film was the first to be shown in the u.s. theatres carrying a “pg-13” rating With Video


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