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Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 11 unit 3: A party (P1) [1]

Circle the word whose bold part is pronounced differently from those of the other three.. Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence; substitutes the underlined part; or has a close meaning to the original one.
Question 7: He often plays a joke ____ his friends so some of them do not like him.. Question 8: What are you giving ____ her son on his birthday?
Question 10: A/An ____ is a special enjoyable event that people organize because something pleasant has happened or because it is someone’s birthday or anniversary.. Question 11: Could you keep ____ while I’m on the phone, please? Don’t make so much noise.

Are same-sex birthday parties under threat at Denmark’s kindergartens? [2]

Are same-sex birthday parties under threat at Denmark’s kindergartens?. Parents in southern Jutland are being told to either invite the entire class or not celebrate at all
“It will be brilliant to finally meet some of your friends.”. In Denmark, the ‘tradition’ of holding same sex birthday parties begins at kindergarten – the daycare centres for children aged 3-6 – and then continues until the end of public school and often into adulthood.
But now a kindergarten in Ribe in southwest Jutland has had enough, reports Avisen Danmark.. The management at the kindergarten has told parents: “It’s either all children in one living room or none.”

Sweet sixteen (birthday) [3]

A sweet sixteen is a coming of age party celebrating a person’s 16th birthday, mainly celebrated in some parts of the United States and Canada. While some families throw large, lavish celebrations, others choose to celebrate the birthday as if it were a normal occurrence.
Sweet sixteens can range from modest parties at home with close family to large parties with a hired DJ, makeup, hair styling, expensive gowns and dresses, and hotel ballrooms. Even if it is a small party, the main purpose of the party is to celebrate the person’s earliest stage of adulthood.[1]
This religious or church ceremony has its origins in the Quinceañera style, but since there are many American-born Hispanic people, many choose to blend a sweet sixteen American style with their Quinceañera tradition. For example, the girl may go to the church for the religious ceremony and, then, while in the party, choose to have the sixteen-candle ceremony

Birthday Traditions Around the World: Celebrations of a Lifetime [4]

Celebrating another trip around the sun for loved ones is a timeless tradition for many. While celebrating another magical year of life is commonplace throughout the world, how people celebrate birthdays varies greatly
According to an article by ABC News, the most common birthday in the United States is October fifth. Just how will all those Americans celebrate their birthday? In the USA, the focus is on celebrating the birthday with the person’s friends and family.
Most people are also given a cake for their birthday. Candles are placed on top of the cake, one candle for each year of the person’s life to represent their age

Ontario 4-year-old’s birthday wish fulfilled with grocery store party [5]

Ontario 4-year-old’s birthday wish fulfilled with grocery store party. It’s not a typical venue for a four-year-old’s birthday party, but one Prince Edward County boy got the birthday of his dreams in a Metro grocery store, thanks to staff.
In a post to Facebook, Hadas Brajtman says the boy loves to visit the store.. It’s walking distance from our home, the staff are always friendly, and we typically run into friends, colleagues, and neighbors while shopping,” she said
The store’s assistant manager, Paul Jones, says when he was approached about the idea, he loved it.. I didn’t even waver whether I wanted to do it,” he said.

Dominican Birthday Party Ideas, Food, and Traditions [6]

Are you searching for good ideas for a Dominican-inspired birthday party? Check out our guide to the customs and traditions associated with the occasion. We also include links to go-to dishes, and drinks, and offer some tips for birthday parties for both adults and children.
The not-so-secret ingredient is the effusive bonhomie and natural joie de vivre of the hosts and guests.. Here are some guidelines we can share for a successful, memorable and truly Dominican birthday party.
The cake –Bizcocho dominicano- is the centerpiece of the event, and Dominicans have elevated this to an art form.. A child’s first birthday party is a particularly special occasion

a- means- according- different- however- particularly- therefore The tradition of birthday parties star… [7]

|a- means- according- different- however- particularly- therefore|. The tradition of birthday parties started a long time ago.People thought there was a special danger from evil spirít on birthdays , …………
There are some…………..traditions in different countries around the world.. In VN, on a child is first birthday,family members put many things on the floor around the child for him or her to choose ………….to tradition , the first thing the child picks up will tell us or her future job
that the young person is now old enough to leave and build up to their own family at any time they want to. For Japnese children, the third, fifth and seventh birthdays are ……..important

Birthday Traditions in France: How do the French Celebrate Birthdays? [8]

If you grew up in a western country like Europe or North America, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that French birthday traditions are not very different from the ones you are familiar with. A good French birthday celebration involves a party, some cake, blowing candles and presents
Before heading to the party, make sure that you are heading to a birthday celebration, and not an anniversary: the French use the word anniversaire for both.. |une fête d’anniversaire / un goûter d’anniversaire||A birthday party|
However, some families sing a more extended, slightly more complicated version of the song, on the same tune:. Birthday traditions in France are for the most parts very familiar to the ones you may be used to.

How Americans celebrate their birthdays [9]

It’s the one day a year that is all about you — your birthday. But how do you like to celebrate it? According to a recent YouGov poll of 1,000 Americans, many people spend their special day thanking God for being alive, spending time with family, and opening cards or presents.
For a large share of Americans, there is an overlap between their birthday and other holidays; half say their birthday is on or near a holiday and one-third share a birthday with a close friend or family member.. Two in three Americans say they’d enjoy having a surprise birthday party thrown for them
Americans are split in how they feel about their birthday, though far more feel positively than negatively: 19% say they love their birthday, 24% say they like it, and 47% say they feel neutrally about it. Just 7%, say they dislike their birthday, and only 4% say they hate it

A Beginner’s Guide to Mexican Birthdays [10]

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a Mexican birthday party, be prepared for a vibrant and joyful occasion with more than a few surprises.. Mexican fiestas are plentiful and as colorful as the country’s geography and traditions
Let’s delve into Mexican birthday celebrations, some of which will be familiar while others may astound.. As with many other cultures, Mexican birthdays are celebrated with enthusiasm and passion.
The focus on family means Mexican birthday parties are often large and boisterous gatherings, with the celebrations lasting all day and often into the night.. Aunts, uncles, godparents, cousins — the emphasis is on spending time with family more so than with friends

Tips & Ideas for Your Baby’s First Birthday Party [11]

Tips and Ideas for Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party. Your little one is nearing the end of their first year, which is an exciting time for you! One way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday is by throwing a party
You may want to think about the planning process for your baby’s first birthday party in two stages: preparing and hosting. With so many ideas to choose from for a first birthday party, it’s easy to lose focus, so preparation is key
Solidifying these important decisions will help you plan all the little details that follow. And answering the questions above in the order they’re listed will also keep things running smoothly.

14 Virtual Birthday Celebration Ideas for Work and How To Plan Them [12]

Office birthday parties are a long-standing tradition in Western society. According to an Ipsos Reid survey, 89% of Americans believe in celebrating birthdays with 85% of people feeling special when someone puts effort into planning activities or festivities for their special day.
In the aftermath of the pandemic, not much has changed for some remote teams. Around 30% of Americans still work from home, complicating interactive and fun ways to celebrate your employees’ yearly milestones.
In this guide, we offer valuable tips to keep in mind when planning your virtual birthday party, as well as several virtual birthday celebration ideas for work that could transform your virtual party into an unforgettable one.. Before you dive into virtual birthday celebration ideas for work, remember that planning can streamline the process, sort out any potential issues, and ensure a higher rate of attendance and employee engagement

How to Plan Baby’s First Birthday Party [13]

Your baby is now officially a toddler—which means you’ve survived your first year of parenthood! Congrats! It’s a big milestone that deserves to be celebrated. If you’re looking to throw a party in honor of baby’s first birthday and are in search of first birthday ideas for boys and girls, look no further
When and where to throw baby’s first birthday party. How many people to invite to baby’s first birthday party
If you’re planning a party, the best bet is to throw it the weekend before or after baby’s actual birthday, especially if it falls during the week.. If you have a big enough home and want to save some cash, throwing the party at your house could be a good option

which is not a typical tradition at birthday parties
13 which is not a typical tradition at birthday parties Tutorial


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