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What Is a Kernel? [1]

The kernel is a core component of an operating system and serves as the main interface between the computer’s physical hardware and the processes running on it. The kernel enables multiple applications to share hardware resources by providing access to CPU, memory, disk I/O, and networking.
In this analogy, the kernel is positioned between the hardware and the applications because it’s not only responsible for managing the hardware’s resources and executing software programs, but also for overseeing the interactions between these layers.. Modern computers divide memory into kernel space and user space
Because of this separation of kernel and user spaces, the work done by the kernel isn’t typically visible to the user.. Thanks for learning with the DigitalOcean Community

[Solved] Which of the following is the first screen to appear on the [2]

Which of the following is the first screen to appear on the monitor after Windows 10 is loaded?. – The first screen which appears when windows are loaded is called Desktop.
– As soon as we open the computer we come across the Windows welcome screen which displays many small pictures on the screen of the monitor.. – The small pictures on the screen are known as icons.
– A folder holds one or more files, and a folder can be empty until it is filled.. – A recycling bin (or recycle bin) is a container used to hold recyclables before they are taken to recycling centers.

Answers to Study Questions – Information Systems for Business and Beyond [3]

What are the five components that make up an information system?. What are three examples of information system hardware?
Microsoft Windows is an example of which component of information systems?. It is an operating system, which is a part of the software component.
A process is a series of steps undertaken to achieve a desired outcome or goal.. What was invented first, the personal computer or the Internet (ARPANET)?

What is computer hardware? [4]

Information, products, and or specifications are subject to change without notice. is responsible for omissions or errors in typography or photography
All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.. A simple definition of computer hardware is “any physical parts or components that contribute to a computer system.” There are several different kinds of hardware inside a PC
What is the difference between hardware and software?. – Hardware: Think of computer hardware as the parts of your computer that you can see and touch

9 Types of Device Drivers and Their Applications [5]

What Is a Device Driver? Definition, Types, and Applications. A device driver is a program without a UI that manages hardware attached to a computer and supports its functioning.
This article explains the working of device drivers, their various types, and five critical applications.. A device driver is a software program without a user interface (UI) that manages hardware components or peripherals attached to a computer and enables them to function with the computer smoothly.
The hardware is linked to a computer bus/communication subsystem via which device drivers interact with the device. They are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific (OS)

GCSE Computer Science Revision [6]

Computer systems are a combination of both hardware and software working together. Hardware is the physical components of a computer and software is the programs that run on a computer.
A user interface is a program, or suite of programs that allows a user to interact with a computer. There are three types of interface to be considered:
GUIs feature a desktop where everything is displayed. Applications run in Windows, and all objects (apps, hardware and files) are represented by icons

Four Ways in Which an Operating System Controls the Hardware of a Computer [7]

Four Ways in Which an Operating System Controls the Hardware of a Computer. Everything you do on your computer is the direct result of hardware and software working together
You’d have a hard time using a computer without an operating system, as all of your hardware parts would be unable to communicate with one another.. In order for the operating system to talk to your hardware, it needs drivers
Graphics cards, sound cards, networking cards, USB peripherals, and everything else you connect to your computer relies on drivers. The operating system then uses these drivers to ensure correct operation of each device.

[Windows 11/10] Introduction – Windows S mode & related FAQ [8]

[Windows 11/10] Introduction – Windows S mode & related FAQ. Please go to the corresponding instruction based on the current Windows operating system on your computer:
To increase security, it allows only apps from the Microsoft Store, and requires Microsoft Edge for safe browsing.. How does Windows 11 in S mode compare to Windows 11 Home and Windows Pro?
Windows 11 in S mode is only available in the Windows 11 Home edition.. Windows 11 S mode customers can only install programs from Microsoft Store, they are not able to install programs from other sources.

5 Most Important Components of a Computer [9]

Like us, a computer’s health needs to be taken care of to ensure peak performance and longevity. PCs don’t require much sustenance – except a consistent power supply
Responsible desktop and laptop users should take the time to learn about the internal hardware that runs their computers’ processes. With sufficient knowledge, you can easily identify the probable reasons why your PC is slowing down, so you can repair it without having to go to a nearby computer store, saving money and time.
Each part plays a different role in running your PC effectively. Each component is crucial to your PC in its own way.

How to Fix the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) in Windows [10]

The BSoD has become notorious and is commonly believed to indicate an unfixable error with a device. But while it’s always frustrating to see the blue screen, the “fatal” system error that caused Windows to crash can usually be fixed.
To find out what caused the blue screen of death — and learn how to fix it and stop it from happening again — your first step should be looking up what the Windows stop code means.. In the example below, the stop code is DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL — we’ll take a closer look at this and other common Windows stop codes further down.
Without an error code to help you, it’s difficult to know where to start to fix a black screen in Windows.. The blue screen of death is usually caused by improperly installed, damaged, or aging hardware, or by buggy or incompatible software

What is BSOD: Blue Screen of Death [11]

For the uninitiated, “Blue Screen of Death” may sound like a mysterious and chilling upcoming episode of the Korean drama, Squid Game. But for Windows computer users, the term can be confusing and scary for different reasons
The BSOD is a warning you see when your computer interrupts operations and displays this warning on a blue screen. Officially, it’s called a “Stop error.” The warning informs you of a critical issue that’s forcing Windows to reboot
For many years, the BSOD featured a long series of intelligible or unintelligible text. The BSOD became a little friendlier with Windows 8 by featuring a simple message and a sad emoticon

What is System Software? [12]

System software is a program designed to run a computer’s hardware and applications and manage its resources, such as its memory, processors, and devices. It also provides a platform for running application software, and system software is typically bundled with a computer’s operating system.
Each type of system software has its own set of unique characteristics.. For example, Windows XP is designed for Microsoft products, while Ubuntu is designed for GNU/Linux applications.
System software works closely with the operating system software that runs the computer. The entire computer may become corrupted if the system software does not work correctly

Understanding operating systems [13]

This resource will explain how operating systems work, and note the differences between the Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.. An operating system is a program that acts as an interface between the computer user and computer hardware, and controls the execution of programs.
It performs basic tasks such as file, memory and process management, handling input and output, and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers.. Most of the time, there are several different computer programs running at the same time, and they all need to access your computer’s central processing unit (CPU), memory and storage
In the image above the User interfaces with the System & Application software. The System & Application software interfaces with the Operating System

which part of windows is responsible for relating to hardware?
13 which part of windows is responsible for relating to hardware? Advanced Guides


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