14 which program grabs user files from a system so that you can migrate them to another computer? Tutorial

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Common Migration Scenarios (Windows 10) – Windows Deployment [1]

You use the User State Migration Tool (USMT) 10.0 when hardware and/or operating system upgrades are planned for a large number of computers. USMT manages the migration of an end-user’s digital identity by capturing the user’s operating-system settings, application settings, and personal files from a source computer and reinstalling them on a destination computer after the upgrade has occurred.
A second common scenario is known as PC replacement, where one piece of hardware is being replaced, typically by newer hardware and a newer operating system.. The following diagram shows a PC-refresh migration, also known as a computer refresh migration
After installing the operating system, the administrator migrates the user state back to the source computer.. Scenario One: PC-refresh offline using Windows PE and a hard-link migration store

Windows Upgrade and Migration Considerations (Windows 10) – Windows Deployment [2]

Files and application settings can be migrated to new hardware running the Windows® operating system, or they can be maintained during an operating system upgrade on the same computer. This topic summarizes the Microsoft® tools you can use to move files and settings between installations in addition to special considerations for performing an upgrade or migration.
If you decide to perform a custom installation of Windows instead of an upgrade, your applications and settings won’t be maintained. Your personal files, and all Windows files and directories, will be moved to a Windows.old folder
Migration tools are available to transfer settings from one computer that is running Windows to another. These tools transfer only the program settings, not the programs themselves.

User State Migration Tool (USMT) overview – Windows Deployment [3]

You can use User State Migration Tool (USMT) 10.0 to streamline and simplify user state migration during large deployments of Windows operating systems. USMT captures user accounts, user files, operating system settings, and application settings, and then migrates them to a new Windows installation
For more information, see Common migration scenarios.. – Configure your migration according to your business needs by using the migration rule (.xml) files to control exactly which files and settings are migrated and how they’re migrated
– Fit your customized migration into your automated deployment process by using the ScanState and LoadState tools, which control collecting and restoring the user files and settings. For more information, see User State Migration Tool (USMT) command-line syntax.

User State Migration Tool (USMT) Overview Topics (Windows 10) – Windows Deployment [4]

The User State Migration Tool (USMT) 10.0 provides a highly customizable user-profile migration experience for IT professionals. USMT also includes a set of three modifiable .xml files:
Config.xml file to specify files or settings to exclude from the migration.. |User State Migration Tool (USMT) overview||Describes the benefits and limitations of using USMT.|
|Windows upgrade and migration considerations||Discusses the Microsoft® tools you can use to move files and settings between installations and special considerations for performing an upgrade or migration.|

How USMT Works (Windows 10) – Windows Deployment [5]

USMT includes two tools that migrate settings and data: ScanState and LoadState. ScanState collects information from the source computer, and LoadState applies that information to the destination computer.
When you run the ScanState tool on the source computer, it goes through the following process:. It parses and validates the command-line parameters, creates the
A migration component is a logical group of files, registry keys, and values. For example, the set of files, registry keys, and values that store the settings of Adobe Acrobat is grouped into a single migration component.

TryHackMe: Metasploit: Meterpreter— Walkthrough [6]

Hi! It is time to look at the third part of the Metasploit rooms on TryHackMe. I am making these walkthroughs to keep myself motivated to learn cyber security, and ensure that I remember the knowledge gained by THMs rooms.
Meterpreter is a Metasploit payload that runs on the target system and supports the penetration testing process. It can interact with the target operating system and files, and allows us to use specialized commands.
This is because it runs on memory and avoids writing files files to the disk. because of this it is harder to detect by antivirus software

User State Migration Tool (USMT) – Getting Started (Windows 10) – Windows Deployment [7]

Getting started with the User State Migration Tool (USMT). This article outlines the general process that you should follow to migrate files and settings.
For more information, see Common Migration Scenarios.. Data you might consider migrating includes end-user information, applications settings, operating-system settings, files, folders, and registry keys.
For more information, see Choose a Migration Store Type.. /GenMigXMLcommand-line option to determine which files will be included in your migration, and to determine whether any modifications are necessary

Metasploit Unleashed [8]

Since the Meterpreter provides a whole new environment, we will cover some of the basic Meterpreter commands to get you started and help familiarize you with this most powerful tool. Throughout this course, almost every available Meterpreter command is covered
The help command, as may be expected, displays the Meterpreter help menu.. meterpreter > help Core Commands ============= Command Description ——- ———– ? Help menu background Backgrounds the current session channel Displays information about active channels …snip…
To get back to your Meterpreter session, just interact with it again.. meterpreter > background msf exploit(ms08_067_netapi) > sessions -i 1 [*] Starting interaction with 1..

Access documents and other files from shared storage [9]

On devices that run Android 4.4 (API level 19) and higher, your app can interact with a documents provider, including external storage volumes and cloud-based storage, using the Storage Access Framework. This framework allows users to interact with a system picker to choose a documents provider and select specific documents and other files for your app to create, open, or modify.
Additionally, these files, which are stored outside of an app-specific directory and outside of the media store, remain on the device after your app is uninstalled.. – An app invokes an intent that contains a storage-related action
– The user sees a system picker, allowing them to browse a documents provider and choose a location or document where the storage-related action takes place.. – The app gains read and write access to a URI that represents the user’s chosen location or document

Transfer your information to Mac from another computer or device [10]

Transfer your information to Mac from another computer or device. If you didn’t transfer your information to your Mac when you first set it up, use Migration Assistant at any time to transfer your documents, apps, user accounts, and settings
Before you begin, upgrade to the latest version of macOS on both Mac computers. Connect the two computers with a cable (such as Ethernet or Thunderbolt) or make sure they’re connected to the same wired or wireless network
On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Settings, then click General in the sidebar. Click Transfer or Reset on the right, then click Open Migration Assistant.

Transfer assets across accounts or profiles [11]

Open the Creative Cloud desktop app and ensure that you’re signed with using your source account or profile.. Storage is a core component of Adobe’s cloud offering
It allows you to manage your Creative Cloud assets and Document Cloud assets. With the Creative Cloud assets, you can even enable collaboration and sharing among users
All content created or uploaded by you is tied to your account.. – From a personal Adobe ID account to an enterprise-owned account.

User Migration: The Definitive Guide [12]

Migrating sensitive user data from one system to another can be difficult (to say the least). While making incremental changes in your codebase to get rid of technical debt can be easy, replacing (or upgrading) something as critical and deeply-intertwined as your user management system can be a nightmare.
Everything we’ll be covering below comes from years of experience storing hundreds of millions of user accounts and managing one of the largest user identity services worldwide. We’ve carefully outlined the processes we’ve seen (and made work) in real-life scenarios while including useful information for practical application
The first question you should ask yourself before heading down the user migration path is: Do I really need to migrate my users in the first place?. While changing a database backend from MySQL to Postgres can be a difficult and tricky task, migrating critical and sensitive application data (like your user accounts) involves a whole other level of planning and analysis.

Good Migrations: How to Move Your Windows Drive to a New PC [13]

Buying a new computer can be fun, until you have to slog through migrating all your old apps, preferences, and files. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just pop your old drive into the new PC and pick up where you left off? Windows allows you to do this in a few easy steps—at least hypothetically.
When you throw an existing Windows installation at a new PC, it will perform its first-time setup as if it were a new computer, grab drivers for your new hardware, and (hopefully) drop you onto the desktop without much trouble. You have to do a few things yourself, but overall, it should work.
Windows Update was even able to download new patches. But that’s not to say you won’t run into any problems

List of macOS built-in apps [14]

This is a list of macOS built-in apps and system components.. The Mac App Store is macOS’s digital distribution platform for macOS apps, created and maintained by Apple Inc
Automator is an app used to create workflows for automating repetitive tasks into batches for quicker alteration via point-and-click (or drag and drop). This saves time and effort over human intervention to manually change each file separately
It can also work with third-party applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop or Pixelmator. The icon features a robot holding a pipe, a reference to pipelines, a computer science term for connected data workflows

which program grabs user files from a system so that you can migrate them to another computer?
14 which program grabs user files from a system so that you can migrate them to another computer? Tutorial


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