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Why You Should Remove Dead Skin from Your Face and HowCortiva Institute [1]

There’s a lot more to quality skincare than avoiding direct sunlight and wearing a daily moisturizer (although those are certainly important practices.) Did you know that the outer layer of your skin is loaded with dead skin cells? Kind of disgusting, isn’t it? Luckily, an easy and effective method to remove all those gross dead skin cells is skin exfoliation.. Different types of skin exfoliation and an outline of the ideal exfoliation schedule and methodology will be discussed here
Numerous exfoliation products are on the market, and it’s sometimes hard to determine whether different ingredients or factors, like natural vs. First of all, let’s take a look at the two most common exfoliation methods: mechanical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation:
Mechanical exfoliation involves physically scrubbing or rubbing the skin using abrasive materials or tools to remove dead skin cells; for example, mechanical exfoliants include scrubs, brushes, exfoliating gloves, and sponges.. In contrast, chemical exfoliation uses specific chemical compounds to dissolve or loosen the bonds between dead skin cells, allowing them to be shed more easily

One-Minute Exfoliating Mask [2]

Transform your skin in one minute! This exfoliating facial mask helps to deep cleanse and absorb excess oil without drying. Skin tone will look brighter and clearer, skin will glow and the appearance of oil will be diminished.
Tiny spheres of Rice Bran Wax and Lactic Acid work to slough off excess oil and dirt, while oil absorbing Seaweed, astringent Lemongrass and Mulberry Root extract and soothing Cucumber extracts leave skin feeling clean and smooth.. Potent brighteners, such as Kojic Acid, Farnesol and Licorice Root help create a more luminous complexion fast.
Because it’s so gentle, can be used anytime day or night to reduce oil—after work, the gym or outdoor chores.. Free of microbeads, paraben free and Synthetic fragrance free.

Everything Estheticians Need to Know About Offering Facial Extraction Services [3]

Clogged pores and blackheads are no match for the trained eyes and skillful hands of an esthetician, making licensed skincare professionals the rock stars of performing facial extraction services.. You can be sure that many of the facials you perform will include pore cleansing, which means that facial extraction will certainly play a big part in your esthetics business
Facial extraction involves the process of clearing a clogged pore, either manually or through mechanical means. Clogged pores—clogged with excess sebum and dead skin cells—result in blackheads, pustules, and pimples, all of which can be removed through facial extraction, either manually or mechanically.
A pore extractor is a stainless steel implement with a loop on either end. The loop is placed around the clogged pore and the tool is pressed against the skin, thus placing pressure around the pore and encouraging the extraction of anything that may be in the pore.

Facials [4]

Our facials are performed by our licensed aestheticians and are prescriptive based on skin type or condition. Generally, facials include cleansing, steam, toner, exfoliant, oxygen, mask, serum, moisturizer, and extractions, when necessary
At the end of each facial, we recommend a tailored at-home skincare regimen to optimize results and you book your follow up appointment.. This facial is great for any skin type or condition, especially those looking for calming, soothing and strengthening
Double Cleansing with steam is first, followed by a smoothing toner and then a mild exfoliant to pretreat for extractions, if necessary. Once your skin is clear of debris we will treat it with High Frequency which, oxygenates, clears and promotes blood circulation

Facials, Exfoliants & Masks [5]

A cleansing facial followed by steam, exfoliation, possible extractions of clogged skin pores, and toner applied. Facial follows with the application of Alastin® or SkinMedica® pharmaceutical grade products which are used to re-moisturize and re-hydrate the skin, stimulating blood flow with light face massage all the while enjoying a paraffin dip for hands or feet.
We pair this treatment with our express facial to leave your skin smooth, supple, and glowing.. This skin revitalizing facial starts with a deep cleanse and then a steam treatment in order to soften your pores and any build-up that has collected in them
Finish with a mask, moisturizer, and sunscreen, to calm your skin and keep you protected from future breakouts.. Our hydrating facial is designed specifically for hydrating, healing, and nourishing the skin, relieving tightness and the appearance of fine lines

Skincare Spa in Mechanicsville, VA [6]

All of our facials include any machine upgrade that our Aestheticians deem beneficial at no additional cost, unless the excess treatments add additional time in which case adding time to your service will be discussed and agreed upon prior to doing so. All skin is different, and each client will have their skin care service customized to their needs, including the use of products, machines, and modalities
All facials begin with a skin analysis (utilizing Wood’s Lamp as needed) to determine your skins type (Dry, Normal, Oily or Combination), texture, tone, moisture level and overall condition. Your service continues with a cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté to remove debris, makeup, oil, environmental debris
A pampering facial steam follows, either with the steamer or steamed towels as needed for your skin. Alkalizing Solution may be used if needed for easier extractions


After all, our faces really give away almost everything. It’s where we show our emotions and it tells the story of our lives.
We should be proud of every single bit of our lives and take care of the one unique canvas we have.. ( Scroll to the bottom of the page to view testimonials & photos! )
End with beneficial serums specific to your skin concerns with a jade roller and a moisturizer to assist with a youthful glow.. This facial uses four wavelengths of amber, red, deep red, and infrared lights to heal the skin and promote collagen and elastin production

How To Exfoliate Like A Pro, Extractions Included — The Organic Esthetician [8]

I hope you’re all hanging in there, keeping busy and staying safe. This post is the second of five individual posts that will explain, in-depth, the steps of my OE Signature Facial
Today I’ll be showing you how to exfoliate like a pro, by layering exfoliating products for a deeper treatment once a month. I will also be explaining the difference between each type of exfoliation and which exfoliants are best for each skin type.
I’ll also be sharing options you can buy on Amazon or might already have at home if you’re not one of my clients, listed as Home.. Make sure you’ve learned How To Give Yourself A Spa Worthy Cleanse At Home first!

Face [9]

Our customized facial can be suited to any skin type—including Oily, Dehydrated, Aging, or Combination. Our skilled aesthetician performs advanced clinical-grade facials that can help your skin look its best by addressing individual skin concerns
Specifically designed for sufferers of acne and frequent breakouts, this treatment attacks existing blemishes with a thorough cleansing to remove acne-causing bacteria. A deep exfoliation to unclog pores in addition to antibacterial cleansing, detoxifying clays, and blemish- fighting masques help prevent future breakouts and leaves the skin soft and smooth
This adaptive facial targets existing breakouts while drawing out impurities and refining texture to fight future flare-ups. A natural exfoliant is used to soften and prep the skin to clear excess debris from the pores


EXPRESS FACIAL $45 A 30 minute facial designed for those on the go. Every step of the Express Facial incorporates nutrient-rich ingredients to address your skincare needs
RENEU FACIAL $75 A 45 minute facial customized on two top client concerns – firm skin and clear skin. This custom facial is designed to personalize the client experience
Whether your focus is firm or clear (or a combination of the two), this facial delivers a custom client experience to leave you feeling ReNeu’d. The ReNeu Facial is a great option for new client’s if uncertain which facial to choose.

dermalogica ProSkin 60 [11]

Do you want the best skin you’ve ever had? Our ultimate 60-minute treatment ProSkin60 is customised to target all of your skin needs and to leave your skin radiant and glowing. This results based treatment is suitable to deal with one or more of the following skin conditions.
Dermalogica’s high quality products to brighten and boost collagen production and highly advanced professional-grade actives for the deep treatment. Experience dramatic results in a secluded and relaxing environment.
When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Dermalogica story started in 1986 and now has over 100,000 trained therapists worldwide in over 80 plus countries

What An Esthetician Wants You to Know About Blackheads & Extractions [12]

What Should You Be Using In Your Skin Care Routine?. Take my quiz and get personalized recommendations from a
You know that frustrating experience of trying to squeeze a blackhead right on the tip of your nose, but no matter what you do, you can’t get the gunk out?. We all know we shouldn’t be hard on our skin, but it’s hard to resist.
The problem, and the reason for the maddening lack of results, most likely, is that it’s not a blackhead at all.. Knowing how to spot a true blackhead, what really causes it, and the big difference between blackheads and what dermatologists call sebaceous filaments can save you a lot of struggle.

Clay Masks: 8 Amazing Skin Benefits & How To Use [13]

The use of clay to treat the skin dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations all over the world. It’s been used by indigenous people to draw out impurities from skin infections and it’s even rumored that Cleopatra used clay to preserve her complexion
Which is why, to this day, it’s used as cosmetic ingredient in a plethora of skincare products. Clay mask skin benefits range from decongesting pores to restoring your glow.
Luckily, clay masks draw excess oil, dead skin and debris from your pores, keeping them squeaky clean while minimizing their appearance. You’ll notice that when the clay mask begins to harden, dark spots begin forming on the mask, which is a sign that the clay is absorbing impurities from your pores.

Our most famous professional treatment products… [14]

The following products are strictly for professional use only:. Used prior to extraction, Desin-Gel Advance softens comedones and other pore impactions for easier extraction and removal
Apply after preliminary cleansing for 8 minutes, during steam. Galvanic current (negative) can be used over Desin-Gel Advance for deeper treatment
This unique professional-only treatment product contains a complex of natural botanical extracts to soothe freshly treated oily areas, helping to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, and aid in cleansing remnants of debris left from extraction. We have used this combination of extracts in our salon for over 20 years as an after-extraction treatment

Five Senses Spa & Wellness Centre [15]

Cleanse, Peel, Exfoliate, Extract, Infuse, Hydrate, & Nourish.. Our five senses junior facial is a great way to show your child skin care for those 12& under
The five senses express facial helps introduce clients to other facials, and our skin care line. We start with a consultation, and provide a deep mechanical exfoliation
An introduction to skincare for teenagers, we provide a deep cleaning of the skin and begin them on their skincare journey. Whether it’s acne, dry skin, or just a pampering treat we cater this facial to your teen’s skin concerns

The Power of Galvanic Treatments in Your Spa [16]

Galvanic current offers the professional skin therapist a fantastic array of opportunities to “power up” the service menu. Yet, throughout my years as an educator I find many skin therapists shy away from this modality due to a lack of knowledge and confidence on how to use it
When you consider that it’s used to electrically infuse medication into the skin, we also know that it’s a scientifically-proven modality. So get out that machine, dust it off and ready on to discover its many marvels!
His early work with current – involving the reactions between metals and the twitching muscles of specimen frog’s legs! – were indeed part of the inspiration for Mary Shelley’s masterpiece, the novel “Frankenstein.” Early 20th-century practices include balneo electrotherapy, i.e. “Galvanic Baths” used to treat numerous health ailments from boils to rheumatoid arthritis

Skin Care Treatments [17]

Experience layer upon layer of pure facial rejuvenation with immediate results. When you arrive for your facial treatment our skin care specialists will first cleanse the skin to remove any makeup, dirt and debris that might interfere with your facial.
Depending on your skin type your skin will be exfoliated with steam or a chemical exfoliant. This allows more product to deeply penetrate the skin
Let us prep and pamper your skin with this exclusive customized facial just for you. Using only medical grade skin care products, whether you need extractions, exfoliation, or a whole lot of hydration.

which exfoliant product is used before extractions to soften debris?
17 which exfoliant product is used before extractions to soften debris? Tutorial


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