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Merle Dixon [1]

Merle Dixon is a fictional character from the horror drama television series The Walking Dead, which aired on AMC in the United States. He was created by series developer Frank Darabont and was portrayed by Michael Rooker
He is misogynistic and racist,[1][2] which causes tensions between him and his group of survivors. Following an encounter with series protagonist Rick Grimes, Merle disappears and joins the community of Woodbury, Georgia, where he becomes the right-hand man of The Governor
The character’s introduction garnered negative reviews from professional critics, but fan response was positive. When the character reappears in the third season, reviewers began to have more favorable views towards him

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12: Comic vs. Show [2]

This week’s Walking Dead episode borrowed little from the comics, BUT there was a new character introduced that got comic fans freaking out. Could the show really be introducing her this early…or is it someone else entirely?! We jump into that and more below.
But since this episode focused on the trip TO The Hilltop (where the comics just cut to the chase) we’ll have to wait until the next few episodes to see more clear cut comparisons.. Of course this part is tricky because we can’t confirm if Georgie (played by Jayne Atkinson), the new survivor leader we met this episode is Pamela from the comics but she sure looks and acts a lot like her
After Eugene makes contact with one of their residents over the radio, he, Michonne, Siddiq, and others travel to check it out. Once they arrive, they realize someone from Michonne’s past is actually staying there.

Here’s how ‘The Walking Dead’ cast differs from their comic book counterparts [3]

– “The Walking Dead” TV show differs from the comic books in a lot of big ways, but also stays faithful to the series in other surprising areas.. – Rick Grimes’s physical appearance is different in the comics due to a serious injury.
– Daryl isn’t a part of the comics at all but is a fan favorite on the TV show. He shares some similarities with Dwight, who is in the comics.

Comic vs. TV Show [4]

Staying true is a serious issue for any type of media that attempts to cross over into another type. One must consider fans of the original content, but also a new audience that has no history with the series.
The casting choices have received fairly positive feedback and some of the characters have even more depth on screen than their two dimensional counterparts. However, one difference in casting in noticably different than the comics
In the show, Carol is an older woman with very short dark hair. Their characterisitcs are also somewhat different as “Comic Book Carol” seems a little more “broken and ditzy”, while “TV Show Carol” appears to be more empowered and self sufficient.

The 20 Biggest Differences Between AMC’s The Walking Dead And The Original Comic Book [5]

The 20 Biggest Differences Between AMC’s The Walking Dead And The Original Comic Book. As it heads into its tenth season on AMC, The Walking Dead has more than established itself as a TV show independent of its comic book source material, to the point where the two mediums don’t have nearly as much in common now as they did in the earlier years
Below, we’ve rounded up the 20 biggest differences between The Walking Dead TV show and Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. Everyone’s mileage will vary on some of these, and others will wonder about particular exceptions, but as Negan might say it, let’s put aside those shit-talking pants and put on our agreeing pants
TV Rick Was Directly Told The Truth About The Walking Dead Virus. In the Walking Dead comic book, Rick Grimes had to learn for himself how the zombification process worked

The Walking Dead: 5 Characters Better In The TV Show (And 5 Who Were Worse!) [6]

The Walking Dead: 5 Characters Better In The TV Show (And 5 Who Were Worse!). Even some of the actors aren’t happy with how their characters were changed…
The Walking Dead started out as a very faithful adaptation, but as the series has progressed it has gotten further and further from the original vision seen in the comic series. Some of these changes are great: as many people know, Daryl doesn’t feature in the comics, and he has gone on to be one of the most recognisable characters of the entire show.
It’s good to keep things fresh for the comic readers, and exploring alternate story arcs can allow for the characters to grow in interesting ways. The Grove is one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead, and we wouldn’t of gotten it without Carol’s character being changed.

‘Walking Dead’ TV Characters Who Are Most Different From Their Comic Book Counterparts [7]

‘Walking Dead’ TV Characters Who Are Most Different From Their Comic Book Counterparts. SPOILERS: If you’re caught up in the comics and the TV series, you’ll be fine
Ah, it’s time for Walking Dead character comparisons, one of those ongoing pastimes of fans far and wide. The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is the man caught between two worlds: his original comic books series and his roles as executive producer and writer on the TV series.
In the comics, Kirkman is judge, jury, and executioner along with Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore, and Cliff Rathburn.. For the TV series, Kirkman must work with showrunner Scott Gimple and a cadre of writers

Walking Dead Characters That Are Better In The Comics Than On The TV Show [8]

Walking Dead Characters That Are Better In The Comics Than On The TV Show. Some spoilers follow for anyone who isn’t current with the Walking Dead TV show and comic series.
That goes for massive fantasy epics like Game of Thrones to kid-focused adventures like Captain Underpants. But I think most would agree that The Walking Dead earns as many adaptation comparisons as anything else out there, and we’re always keen to dive into those conversations.
In some cases, the disparity is minimal, while in others, the original characters are worlds better than the TV characters. Let’s start off with one of AMC hit’s most frustrating characters, regardless of the source material.

11 Biggest Differences Between “The Walking Dead” TV Show And The Comic Book [9]

Long before The Walking Dead became one of the biggest shows on TV, it was a popular comic book. The comic launched in October 2003, and was ripe for a series adaption from the first issue
Here are some of the bigger differences that have impacted what you see on AMC.. [Before you scroll any further, be warned: There will be spoilers.]
Throughout its AMC run, The Walking Dead has brought several new characters to the storyline. Some people, like Beth Greene and Deanna Monroe, were created to serve as counterparts to important characters from the books

List of The Walking Dead (comics) characters [10]

It has been suggested that King Ezekiel be merged into this article. It has been suggested that Dante (The Walking Dead) be merged into this article
The following is a list of characters from The Walking Dead comic book series, created by Robert Kirkman. Plot structure and characterization between the comic and television series can be similar, derivative, or in many cases almost entirely irrelevant.
|1||2||3||4||5||6||7||8||9||10||11||12||13||14||15||16||17||18||19||20||21||22||23||24||25||26||27||28||29||30||31||32|. |1||2||3||4||5||6||7||8||9||10||11||12||13||14||15||16||17||18||19||20||21||22||23||24||25||26||27||28||29||30||31||32|

Why Daryl Dixon Never Appeared in The Walking Dead Comics [11]

Why Daryl Dixon Never Appeared in The Walking Dead Comics. Despite pressure from The Walking Dead viewers to insert Norman Reedus’ fan-favorite Daryl Dixon […]
Unlike most of the characters appearing in the television show, Daryl has no exact comic book counterpart: he was specially created for Reedus as the younger brother of another show-only creation, Michael Rooker’s Merle Dixon, first appearing under then-showrunner Frank Darabont in the show’s first season.. “We always said, ‘No, we’re never gonna do that,’ and we were true to our words,” Adlard told Konbini when asked if the Walking Dead creative team felt pressured to port Daryl into the comics
He continued, “Walking Dead [comic book], it’s the original. It is the one the TV show is following, not the other way around

The Walking Dead Comic vs. Show – 16 Shocking Differences [12]

Are you an avid watcher of The Walking Dead who thought both the comics and TV series were the same? Or are you one of the many wringing their hands in despair because you find the two completely different?. The Walking Dead’s characters and storylines may play out quite differently on screen as opposed to in ink but the creator of the comic, Robert Kirkman, and the maker of TWD TV series, Scott Gimple have made sure that the basic structure of the comic doesn’t lose its integrity.
But did you know that Rick loses a hand in the graphic novel? Or that Negan looks totally different as a comic book character? Check out more shocking differences between The Walking Dead TV show and comic…. Although it’s a popular fan-theory, rest assured it hasn’t happened in the comics
His community still blindly follows him and makes him their guru.. But there a few things that we don’t see happening to the leader on the show

The Walking Dead: Does Gabriel Die? (Show vs. Comics) [13]

One of the most popular comic books runs in the last twenty years is The Walking Dead, written and created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. The post-apocalyptic comic book was first published in 2003 and received critical and commercial success during its run
Despite having the same name and sharing most of the lore, comics and TV series have separate universes. Both universes produced many great characters that haven’t or barely survived the vicious post-apocalyptic world, and one of them is Gabriel Stokes, one of the main characters of The Walking Dead
Gabriel Stokes has different faiths in The Walking Dead series. In the original comic book, Gabriel Stokes finally joins Rick Grimes’ Militia and decides to scout the area on a water tower

Negan (Comic Series) [14]

You may be looking for his TV Series, Road to Survival, or No Man’s Land counterparts.|. I don’t know why I can’t throw a belt over my fucking door and just end it all
I know there’s no golden house sitting on a fluffy white cloud where you’re waiting to reunite with me… As nice as a fucking cloud house sounds right about now..
There’s no afterlife waiting for my sorry ass…and I’m just here…talking to a fucking baseball bat! I’m sorry, Lucille. Negan (pronounced NEE-gan)[1] is a main character and a former antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in Image Comics’ The Walking Dead

‘Walking Dead’: How Main Characters Die on the Show vs. the Comics [15]

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the Walking Dead season seven premiere, as well as the Walking Dead comics.]. There are two different versions of the main Walking Dead narrative: the story told on the television series, and the story told in the comic books written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard.
(Here’s looking at you, Michonne and Negan.) The general structures of the stories also align fairly frequently; in both the show and the comics, Rick’s group of survivors begin in Atlanta, spend time on Hershel’s farm, find a prison and engage in a war with Woodbury, encounter crazy cannibals on the road, eventually arrive at Alexandria, and come to a fateful collision with Negan and his band of Saviors.. But there’s one major area of divergence between the show and the comics: death
Very few major characters die in the comics and on the show in the exact same way — which makes the brain-bashing deaths in the season seven premiere all the more notable.. In the comics, Negan makes his head-splitting introduction in the franchise’s milestone 100th issue

The Walking Dead: The Main Character Of The Series Who Has Not Appeared In The Comics ⋆ Somag News [16]

In the television series The Walking Dead, almost all of the main characters in the comic book series on which the show is based have appeared. However, there is one character, Daryl Dixon, who never appeared in the comics
Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon became the main character of the television series, having originally been introduced as Merle’s brother. After being a small part of the main survivors, Daryl’s biker hero would evolve over time into one of the roughest and kindest people in the bunch.
So why didn’t Daryl do the crossover in The Walking Dead comic series? In the recently completed 193 issue issue of the comic, Daryl is not even mentioned. But that seemed quite intentional on the part of series co-creator Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead: All-Stars Follows The Comics Instead Of The TV Show [17]

The Walking Dead: All-Stars Follows The Comics Instead Of The TV Show. All-Stars takes place around volume 20 of the comics, according to our chat with the developers, and will take place in Buffalo, New York–a previously unexplored location.
The franchise has successfully made the jump to TV shows, plenty of solid console, PC, and VR video games, and probably even a cereal. Walking Dead has already had a handful of mobile game adaptations, as well, but All-Stars is the zombie franchise’s first step into the popular mobile genre of character collecting, and focuses on the larger legacy of the comic book.
What genre of mobile game is The Walking Dead: All-Stars?. We decided to go with this genre because we wanted to try taking on a new type of challenge

which 'walking dead' tv character doesn't appear in the comic books?
17 which ‘walking dead’ tv character doesn’t appear in the comic books? Tutorial


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