6 which sentence incorrectly uses a vocabulary word? Advanced Guides

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Which sentence uses the underlined vocabulary word correctly? a. [1]

Top AFOQT Math/Verbal, TEAS/HESI Math/English, ALEKS, TSI, PERT Tutor. Without knowing which words are underlined, sentence A
definitely is odd in context to suggest that a monarch would trust her soldiers who were slothful, which means lazy. states that (Queen?) Elizabeth has no doubt that the stead, or position, of her soldiers would be tested in battle

12 Words Often Used Incorrectly in English and How to Get Them Right [2]

12 Words Often Used Incorrectly in English and How to Get Them Right. I do not think it means what you think it means.” —Inigo Montoya in “The Princess Bride”
You’d never use the word “cat” to refer to a “dog,” for example.. But there are other words which are not as simple to use—and words used incorrectly.
Well, we have a secret for you: Even native speakers confuse words!. Just as there are common phrases which people say wrong, there are also some English words which people use incorrectly.

Examples of “Incorrectly” in a Sentence [3]

I must have guessed incorrectly as I saw only empty camp sites beyond.. Passion week is of ten incorrectly identified with Holy week.
The country, as opposed to the towns, of Roman Britain seems to have been divided into estates, commonly (though perhaps incorrectly) known as ” villas.”. As soon as these had left the island, 1895′ the chief ports were occupied by French troops, and an expeditionary force under General Duchesne was afterwards landed on the north-west coast at Mojanga – commonly, but incorrectly, written Majunga – with the object of breaking the Hova authority.Advertisement
The system which is now almost universally in use amongst civilized nations for representing cardinal numbers is the Hindu, sometimes incorrectly called the Arabic, system.. The name is frequently, but incorrectly, applied to the Mahommedan dynasties that preceded the Moguls at Delhi, and also to the style of architecture employed by them; but of these dynasties only the Lodis were Afghans.

[Solved] Select the segment in which a word has been INCORRECTLY used [4]

Select the segment in which a word has been INCORRECTLY used.. The children were so exhausted that they sank warily into bed.
– It does not fit in the context of the given sentence.. – The correct word is ‘Wearily’ which means “With extreme tiredness.”
– The synonyms of the word ‘Wearily’ are “Casually, Desultorily, Halfheartedly”.. The exam will be held between 25th to 27th October 2023.

“Your” vs. “You’re”: How To Choose The Right Word [5]

English is full of confusingly similar words, including ones that can be used right next to each other in a sentence. Among the most common mistakes when writing—especially when writing something quickly like an email or text—is using you’re and your incorrectly.
You’re is a contraction of the phrase you are, as in You’re welcome or You’re my best friend. Your is a possessive adjective, as in your house or your car.
Any of these sentences would read the exact same way if you are replaced you’re.. Your is a possessive adjective used to show ownership

20 More Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Horrible [6]

This post is in partnership with Inc., which offers useful advice, resources and insights to entrepreneurs and business owners. The article below was originally published at Inc.com.
While there are hundreds of incorrectly used words, I’ve picked words commonly used in business settings.. “We anticipate earnings will increase by $1 per share.”
If you’re estimating or wishful guessing, use estimate or expect instead. Or, if you live where I live, use “reckon.” It’s good enough for Clint.

which sentence incorrectly uses a vocabulary word?
6 which sentence incorrectly uses a vocabulary word? Advanced Guides


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