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Background [1]

Biomes are large geographic areas that contain distinctive plant and animal communities. Biomes may be composed of multiple ecosystems, and the primary factors which distinguish different biomes are temperature and precipitation
Major biome types include forests, grasslands, tundra, deserts, shrublands, and wetlands. Each of these biomes has distinctive soil types, which are discussed below.
There are several types of forest biomes- tropical rainforests, temperate rainforests, temperate forest, coniferous/boreal forest (taiga). Tropical rainforests (Know Soil, Know Life Figure 7-5) are characterized by warm temperatures and high rainfall and are primarily found in equatorial regions

What are the characteristics of forest soil? Biology Q&A [2]

It is the uppermost weathered layer of the earth’s crust.. It is composed of organic matter, mineral particles, water, and air.
The soil texture on the valley side is loamy and silty.. In the Himalayan snow-covered areas, these soils are depleted and acidic, with minimal humus content.
What are the special characteristics of Mangrove forest?. What are orchards? Note down some of the characteristics of orchards that make it different from forests.

What are the characteristics of forest soil? [3]

Hint: Forests and forest soils play a diverse, complex, and interconnected role in the environment. Over millions of years, soils have served as the foundation for trees and entire forests
Forest soils are generally very acidic and organic, with limited chemical fertility. Because organic matter in topsoil is always more labile than mineral phases, the role of ecosystem management will be even more important for their sustainability as the soil becomes poor.
The environmental impacts on forest soil include acidification, physical degradation, soil carbon, the maintenance of biological activity, pollution, and the disappearance of forest soil.. The type of soil that forms is determined by the type of vegetation that grows

Which of these best describes forest soil? [4]

Thin Humus layer, minerals deep beneath the surface. More organic matter in the humus layerthan in deeper layers.
the soil in a temperate forest is fertile with a light brown color. Unlike soil in a tropical forest, the humus layer of the rain forest soil is very thin.
The soil of a temperate deciduous forest would be best for agriculture as it is nutrient rich from decaying litter (compost)

Free Earth Science Flashcards about Sol Practice [5]

|Why does a comet`s tail point away from the sun?||A)|. |Cloudy nights can be warmer that clear nights because clouds trap heat-||J):absorbed by Earth during daylight hours|
What is this mineral that came to be called”fool`s gold”?||D):Winds are generated|. |Which provides the BEST evidence for the theory that faults and volcanoes are results of tectonic plate interaction?||J):metamorphic foliation|
|The breakdown of rocks and minerals into smaller particles without a change in composition is called-||H):Deposition of sediment in a lake bed|. |Metamorphic rocks with a layered or banded look are called-||A):Crustal uplift and rock deformation|

EARTH SCIENCE 2007 Released Test. 1. Why does a comet’s tail point away from the sun? The solar wind blows the tail away from the sun 2.It is. [6]

Published byHortense Price Modified over 7 years ago. Why does a comet’s tail point away from the sun? 12345 1.The solar wind blows the tail away from the sun 2.It is being pulled by a nearby black hole
4.The comet’s tail is following the path of Jupiter.. Cloudy nights can be warmer than clear nights because clouds trap heat – 12345 1.Generated from tropical winds 2.Produced by the frictionof air particles 3.Released from Earth’s interior 4.Absorbed by Earth during daylight hours.
What is this mineral that came to be called “fool’s gold”? 12345 1.Calcite 2.Copper 3.Sulfur 4.Pyrite. Which provides the best evidence for the theory that faults and volcanoes are results of tectonic plate interactions? 12345 1.Faults on tectonic plates are in constant motion, but volcanoes may not erupt for many years

SOLVED: Which of these describes the topsoil of a forest? A. It is very fertile. B. It is sandy. C. It is poor in nutrients. D. It is coarse. Which of these is true in the case of a forest? A. It cons [7]

Get 5 free video unlocks on our app with code GOMOBILE. Which of these describes the topsoil of a forest? A
Topsoil is made entirely of decomposed organic remains. Topsoil is made of humus and mineral particles weathered from the soil’s parent material
It has equal concentrations of sand, clay, and silt.. Which of the following statements about soil is true? (a) pore spaces are always filled with about $50 \%$ air and $50 \%$ water (b) a single teaspoon of fertile agricultural soil may contain up to several hundred living microorganisms $(c)$ the texture of a soil is determined by the soil’s $\mathrm{pH}$ (d) a soil’s organic mat

Wikipedia [8]

Soil, also commonly referred to as earth, is a mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases, liquids, and organisms that together support life of plants and soil organisms. Some scientific definitions distinguish dirt from soil by restricting the former term specifically to displaced soil.
Most soils have a dry bulk density (density of soil taking into account voids when dry) between 1.1 and 1.6 g/cm3, though the soil particle density is much higher, in the range of 2.6 to 2.7 g/cm3.[7] Little of the soil of planet Earth is older than the Pleistocene and none is older than the Cenozoic,[8] although fossilized soils are preserved from as far back as the Archean.[9]. Collectively the Earth’s body of soil is called the pedosphere
– as a means of water storage, supply and purification. All of these functions, in their turn, modify the soil and its properties.

which of these best describes forest soil?
8 which of these best describes forest soil? Advanced Guides


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