8 which steps should be used to graph the equation below? Tutorial

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4 = 1/3(x + 2)? 1. Plot the point (2, 4). 2. From that point, count left 3 units and down 1 unit and plot a second point. 3. Draw a line through the two points. 1. Plot the point (2, 4). 2. From that [1]

This problem gives us an equation of y minus 4, equals 1 third times x, plus 2, and it wants to know what steps should be used to graph the equation and what will help us to identify. What would be the appropriate steps is to remember that this equation is in point, slope form and point slope form is y
That’S on our line by analyzing what the y 1 and the x 1 are, and so x, plus 2 would be our x value and we’re subtracting. So that would be a negative 2 for the x and then minus 4
So we would plot negative 24, and that would be our first step and then from there we will use our slope and our slope is 1 third and remember that slopes rise. That means that we should rise or go up 1, since it’s a positive 1 and then we should also go right

Graphs and Solutions to Systems of Linear Equations [2]

– Determine whether an ordered pair is a solution to a system of linear equations. – Determine whether an ordered pair is a solution to a system of linear inequalities
The way a river flows depends on many variables including how big the river is, how much water it contains, what sorts of things are floating in the river, whether or not it is raining, and so forth. If you want to best describe its flow, you must take into account these other variables
You will find systems of equations in every application of mathematics. They are a useful tool for discovering and describing how behaviors or processes are interrelated

6 Ways to Graph an Equation [3]

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You don’t have to be a math genius or straight-A student to learn the basics of graphing without using a calculator. Learn a few of these methods for graphing linear, quadratic, inequality, and absolute value equations.

Graph equations with Step-by-Step Math Problem Solver [4]

FIRST-DEGREE EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES IN TWO VARIABLES. The language of mathematics is particularly effective in representing relationships between two or more variables
The distance traveled in miles is equal to forty times the number of hours traveled.. A graph showing the relationship between time and distance.
The equation d = 40f pairs a distance d for each time t. The pair of numbers 1 and 40, considered together, is called a solution of the equation d = 40r because when we substitute 1 for t and 40 for d in the equation, we get a true statement

3.2 Graph Linear Equations in Two Variables – Business [5]

By the end of this section it is expected that you will be able to:. – Recognize the relationship between the solutions of an equation and its graph.
In the previous section, we found several solutions to the equation . So, the ordered pairs , , and are some solutions to the equation
Notice how the points line up perfectly? We connect the points with a line to get the graph of the equation . Notice the arrows on the ends of each side of the line

Graphing a Line Using the Slope and Y-Intercept [6]

To graph this line we need to identify the slope and the y-intercept. The equation is written in slope-intercept form, y=mx+b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.
\({\text{y}}={{\color{Red} -\text{x}}}{\color{Blue}{-}4}\). Keep in mind that \({\color{red}-}{\color{Red}{\text{x}}}\) is equal to \({\color{red}-1}{\color{Red}{\text{x}}}\), so an equivalent equation is:
So the slope is \({\color{red}-1}\), and the y-intercept is \({\color{blue}-4}\). This is a picture of a coordinate plane with the point \((0, -4)\) graphed on it.

Graph Linear Equations in Two Variables – Intermediate Algebra [7]

Just like maps use a grid system to identify locations, a grid system is used in algebra to show a relationship between two variables in a rectangular coordinate system. The rectangular coordinate system is also called the xy-plane or the “coordinate plane.”
These axes divide a plane into four regions, called quadrants. The quadrants are identified by Roman numerals, beginning on the upper right and proceeding counterclockwise
The first number in the ordered pair is the x-coordinate of the point, and the second number is the y-coordinate of the point. The phrase “ordered pair” means that the order is important.

Linear Graph: Equation & Steps for Plotting Graphs with Examples [8]

A straight line representation on the graph is known as a linear graph. A linear graph is also used to represent relationships between two or more quantities
Such a graph can be plotted by plotting and connecting the points on the xy plane.. In this math article, we shall read about linear graphs and the ways to plot the graph for linear equations in one and two variables
Graphical representation of a straight line is termed as a linear graph. This graph can be used to plot linear equations in one or two variables

which steps should be used to graph the equation below?
8 which steps should be used to graph the equation below? Tutorial


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